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Speech and Language Therapist
Assess for and corrects speech and language problems. Facilitates the management of disorders of speech, language communication and swallowing in children and adults.
Clinical / School Psychologist
Assess' students who have been referred to our office through the school or other concerned disciplines. Recommendations are made to improve the overall development of the student. Uses therapeutic and other interventions.
Special Education Teacher
Helps provide support to teachers who teach students with a variety of educational needs. Help provide delivery of a modified curriculum to meet the complex needs of the individual student. 
Education Assessment Specialist
Uses a diversity of educational assessments to evaluate academic achievement of students. Scholastic recommendations are based on assessment outcomes. 
Visual Impairment Teacher
Specialist teacher trained to work with students who have a visual impairment. Support is given to students with moderate, severe and profound visual impairment.

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 Special Education

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